Brand Ambassador's

By supporting The List Events you  make it possible for our organization to continue giving back to the community throughout the year  on a larger span. The List Events will continue to find ways to support non-profit charities & foundations that  are in need of donations located right here in Tennessee.

These Brand Ambassadors will receive exclusive updates on registering and event details 90 days before other attendees.

As a List Brand Ambassador you will be able to register during Tier 1 event openings and you will be seated in the VIP Tier 1 level. As a VIP Brand Ambassador  your guest list is unlimited for friends and family that wish to purchase tickets and accompany you on this grand occasion...Privy Diner' Pop UP!

All future ticket purchases can be made at only see you then!


Event Instructions


Attire from head to toe Must be all white ONLY. Be creative!  Whatever Swag you prefer is acceptable as long as you dress it up. No torn jeans, No gym shoes, No ball caps. Bring your A-Game from down under it's okay to live a little!

Table & Chair

Tables that seat up to 6 guests can be rented for $25.00 each on our site. Folding tables must  preferably be no more than 34" inches in height. Tables must be covered with a white linen like tablecloth.

If you choose to rent your table from our site, they will be available for  pickup at the event location on September 21, 2019!

Remember everything can be decorated so be sure to bring your creative friends!

Please note that chairs are included in your ticket price but tables are not.


Now is the time for you to be creative remember this event isn't for the weak at heart, you must pre-plan.

Candles, feathers & vase are great starts.

You must set your table as if you were attending an event with fine dinning in mind. 

Remember this is an elegant event so spare nothing!


The Delivery Basket

Meals must arrive in white baskets or bags

(not plastic  grocery bags). All food must be placed on your guest dishes or on serving trays. Keep in mind there are many ways to be creative with your menu,while still staying within your budget.

 We have partnered with local caterers for all of your pre-order needs. There will also be food trucks onsite for your food order purchase. Please take advantage of these services if this will make your experience at Privy Diner' Pop Up more enjoyable!

The Sweet Course

If your tables desserts look like this than you are definitely bringing your

A-Game, but try and remember that what ever you don't eat you must take with you so be mindful of these things when planning for your group. Cakes, cupcakes, Tarte desserts are all wonderful enjoy!

Your Rubbish

The greatest part of the cleanup is that you must take your trash and all belongings  with you.  Your area must be left in the same condition it was when you first arrived ....clean. We ask that you plan to bring containers to store your leftovers and trash bags for anything that you must throw away.